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Celine Dion, the X Factor and the Lawsuits

By on November 11, 2013
Justice for elders and the infirm

As Celine Dion, the apparently ageless star appeared on the latest X Factor and drew comments ranging from the raving to the peculiar, the X Factor’s history of success continues notwithstanding the occasional lawsuit and onscreen debacle.


For a woman who has to battle claims that she’s dead or dying, the X Factor performance by Celine Dion must have put at least those rumors to bed. However, the X Factor itself has faced an interesting legal history with Fox Broadcasing having been sued by American Idol creator Simon Fuller in 2011 and evidently settled out of court earlier this year when the sides reached a confidential settlement.

In the 2011 complaint, Fuller claimed Fox reneged on a 2005 promise ensuring he would get a producer credit on the popular show together with a fee for the U.S. version of X Factor. At that time, Simon Fuller was in the process of suing X Factor creator Cowell for copyright infringement.

And then in September this year Cheryl Cole took action against the show producers.
Cheryl Cole could lose up to over $US1 million in a bitter legal battle with X Factor USA bosses after filing a £2 million lawsuit in which she seeks compensation for her axing from the judges panel in 2011.

Cole could be slapped with an uncomfortable bill if her lawsuit against production company Blue Orbit is unsuccessful as they are struggling to come to an agreement, reports The Sunday People.
Costs could be considerable.

The show biz world and the anxious demands of television bosses seeking top ratings often sees lawsuit fallout. Just as Celine Dion has found even before she made her appearance on the show this week.

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