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Dotcom’s NZ Legal Team Get Lawyer of the Year

By on December 17, 2013
kim dotcom's lawyers

kim dotcom's lawyersLawFuel’s New Zealand site has named Kim Dotcom’s legal team, comprising a top QC (Paul Davison) together with two of Dotcom’s law firm’s partners as the website’s “Lawyers of the Year”.

The Dotcom legal battle has raged around the New Zealand courts since the raid upon the Megaupload magnate’s mansion and its subsequent ruling as to the raid’s legality setting a trend for his legal team in winning various applications, reviews and appeals.

As the website reports:

Putting aside legal head in the States, lawyer Ira Rothken, the trio have battled from day one and in multiple courts, ranging from the original arrest and subsequent bail applications to more prolix arguments relating to the proposed extradition, the legality of the original raid, the seizure of assets, the non-compliant release of digital material to the FBI – from bail applications to judicial reviews and appeals.

They might have been derailed by the freezing of Dotcom’s funds, but even that was released by courts that have been confronted with the Crown’s effrontery and apparent genuflexion towards the US demands for Dotcom’s extradition.

It has placed the lawyers in the spotlight, with some heavy words spoken and volumes of submissions prepared. Paul Davison QC said to the High Court at an early stage that Dotcom’s rights had been “subverted” and the Crown case was “off the rails”.

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