5 Steps To Get Into Shape Like Christie Brinkley

5 Steps To Get Into Shape Like Christie Brinkley 2

How does a top supermodel like Christie Brinkley stay looking sooo good, for soo long?

Her video recently released has gone viral online as fans and even non-fans wonder how the 61 year old can look so darned good.

What are her weight loss and body shaping secrets?

The answer is one that may not surprise you.  She fits a great exercise routine into her schedule and has a workout routine that – quite obviously -works wonders.

The supermodel mom does everything including blow drying her hair properly, which she regards as a key part of her routine.

  1.  Age doesn’t matter.  As Christie says:  ” My age has so little to do with my image of myself because at a certain point, the number just didn’t fit how I felt. It has become irrelevant to me. I just don’t feel like that number is representative of my spirit, of my energy or my anything!”
  2. Get variety.   “I think variety is the spice of sticking with an exercise routine, whether it’s getting a dance tape one day, or getting a tape with those stretchy things to work with resistance on a different day. Arm yourself with a few different things. Ask your friends to go jogging or on a long walk. Sign up for a dance class. I really think that mixing it up it keeps it fun. And that’s really the only way that you can stick with it.”
  3. The ‘Hair-drying’ routine.  “When I dry my hair, I literally think about the times during your day when you are a captive audience. I think of drying my hair as really boring. I thought, ‘OK, I’m going to multitask.’ I’ll dry my hair as though I’m sitting on a chair, even though there’s no chair there. Then I’ll do some squats. I’m always careful that my knee doesn’t extend beyond my foot so I don’t put stress on my knees, but you can do so much for your upper legs while you’re drying your hair.”
  4. Do pushups.  “I also try to get in 100 push-ups every day. It’s really easy. I keep a rolled up yoga mat under my bed. I throw it down and I’ll do 30 push-ups before I get in the shower. Then I do another 20 before I dry my hair, and now I’ve done 50. After I dry my hair, I’ll come back and I’ll do more.”
  5. Eat well.  Christie is a vegetarian and the main concept in her healthy diet is to “go for as many colors as possible in a day.  That’s my main concept for making sure my kids get all the nutrients—making sure they get the deep greens, yellows and reds and purples, all of that. That’s just an overarching concept to the way I like to eat, along with the whole idea of variety in exercise, variety in food with the colors. I like to vary what I have.”

Christie Brinkley’s discipline and her ability to think carefully about food and fitness is one way she has managed to maintain a superb body, but variety is also key.

For more on weight loss and ‘body shaping’ for women you can check this free video also.


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