A new non-lethal “control and restraint” approach for safely handling demonstrators, protestors, and rioters worldwide

February 27, 2012- Safely and effectively controlling, restraining, and escorting aggressive and/or violent individuals who are demonstrating, protesting, or rioting is not an easy task for law enforcement and military personnel. Government agencies and their personnel are often held liable when individuals are injured or killed during the course of restoring law and order. However, anarchy and defiance to the law cannot be allowed to grow and take mammoth form. This is why certain measures have to be taken to monitor and manage demonstrators, protestors, and rioters in a way that is humane and non-lethal.
The Sidewinder Baton, invented by Hand-to-Hand Combat and Personal Safety Expert Chris Harris, allows the user to manage aggressive and violent individuals safely, effectively, and humanely. It is a product made up of impact resistant polycarbonate, which is 20 inches in length, 1 inch in diameter, and weighs 1.40LBS. It is not a weapon for administering strikes or blows. It functions on the principles of fulcrum and leverage and applies pressure to nerve points in the arm or leg to quickly bring under compliance an aggressor with very little risk of injury. Click here to view demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXDMQTbNDhA
The Sidewinder Baton protects the personal safety of the user and aggressor alike without inflicting strikes or blows. Causing physical injury to individuals or groups that are demonstrating or protesting within the boundaries of the law is against the standard and expectation of peacekeepers in a modern civilized society. The Sidewinder Baton is an ideal solution for Occupy Wall Street protestors and the like, that have turned violent, by hooking around the arm or the leg of the suspect. The user then applies pressure wherein the device encourages the aggressor to surrender and comply voluntarily by causing pain and discomfort and through joint manipulation. This allows officials to target and extract violent individuals from a group without the use of other non-lethal alternatives such as mace, pepper spray, tear gas, or rubber bullets. Four-hours of formal training are required to certify the user to handle the device and eight-hours of formal training are required to obtain instructor status.
Maintaining peace domestically and abroad is not an easy task. Often, government officials come across demonstrators and protestors that threaten to disrupt law and order in the region. Dealing with these individuals and groups often endangers the life and property of everyone involved, including innocent civilians. Harsh and unorthodox means sometimes used to control aggressive and violent groups are often videoed and posted on social network internet sites from the perspective of only a handful of individuals, which can lead to increased tensions and civil liability. The Sidewinder Baton offers a way to reduce these types of situations by decreasing rampant criticism of peacekeepers. Ameristead, LLC conducts professional training courses throughout the world to train and certify Sidewinder Baton users and instructors. Chris Harris, the inventor of the Sidewinder Baton, is also the Founder of Core18 – www.Core18.com, which is a proprietary hand-to-hand combat training system that he uses to train Law Enforcement, Military, and Special Forces worldwide.

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