Actor Robert Wagner claims he is owed half the profits from two ‘Charlie’s Angels’ movies as a result of his development of the idea with his wife, the late Natalie Wood.

Actor Robert Wagner has sued Columbia Pictures and parent Sony Pictures, claiming he and a pair of trusts owning rights belonging to his late wife Natalie Wood are owed half the profits from the two “Charlie’s Angels” movies.

According to a complaint Wagner and Wood made an agreement with Spelling-Goldberg Prods. in 1973 that provided the actors would get an equal share of the profits from any series developed at ABC based on an idea they submitted.

Wagner and Wood subsequently submitted the idea for the “Charlie’s Angels” television series, the suit said.

Wagner and the trusts allegedly have not been given accountings or any money from the film versions of the series. The suit seeks unspecified damages and an accounting. The first “Charlie’s Angels” film made $265 million worldwide at the box office; “Full Throttle” has managed $110,000,000 worldwide in its first three weeks

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