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Fresh Face On An Old Firm

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Allison Arthur-Young Russell McVeagh

Part of Russell McVeagh’s makeover after its years of bad press following the sexual assault issues has been to appoint resource management lawyer Allison Arthur-Young as the firm’s chair.

Canadian-born Arthur-Young joined Russell McVeagh in 2005 after working for Chen Palmer and following her immigration to New Zealand five years earlier.

Although she presents a welcoming face to ‘The Factory’, she has well and truly earned her stipes as a lawyer and administrator, having been on the firm’s board since 2018, acted on a wide range of significant resource management and environmental matters as well as winning plaudits for her environmental and resource management expertise, an area of growing significance and one that adds to her significance in the environmental and public law space.

She has also played a significant role as a working mother in the law, with some pertinent observations about being a mother in the law.

“In my own experience, Russell McVeagh absolutely played the long game. I was promoted to senior associate just before I went on parental leave with our first child, and I made it clear that I wanted a year off and planned to go part-time for a couple of years when I came back to work – which I did. I was then promoted through to partner while I was on parental leave with our second baby. I was home with him for another few months before I came back to work. The firm absolutely walked the talk in my experience,” she says.

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