Anti-Trust Division Extends Department’s Use of MetaLINCS’ Automated…

Anti-Trust Division Extends Department’s Use of MetaLINCS’ Automated Analysis Technology

SAN JOSE, Calif. – LAWFUEL – Law News – Law Jobs Network -MetaLINCS™, a leading provider of packaged E-Discovery software for litigation readiness and compliance-related investigations, today announced the Department of Justice (DOJ) Anti-Trust Division is extending its use of the MetaLINCS Enterprise E-Discovery Suite™ for use in corporate oversight and enforcement actions. Featuring the industry’s first guided analysis technology, the MetaLINCS Enterprise E-Discovery Suite helps the DOJ speed up the process of discovering relevant information within electronic messages and documents, and improves the accuracy of investigations. MetaLINCS software enables the DOJ to use early analysis functionality to quickly locate important information exchanges between key players prior to reviewing each document.

E-Discovery is now the most costly component of the legal and investigatory process, and as it grows in complexity, the associated costs and risks continue to soar. The ability to assess cases at their earliest stages can reveal important information quickly, reducing overall E-Discovery costs by as much as 75%. Early assessment can also lead counsel to conclude that 80% of the data they processed is irrelevant, not requiring further examination. Such early insight can inform initial strategic decision-making and drive more favorable case outcomes.

“With MetaLINCS software for advanced email and document analysis, the Department of Justice Anti-Trust Division has a secret weapon in its litigation arsenal that is making it easier for them to quickly find and understand pivotal information,” said Ramon Nunez, CEO of MetaLINCS. “Government organizations often lack the human and financial resources necessary to efficiently navigate through the thousands of emails typically associated with each case and today’s manual E-Discovery processes are too slow and tedious to allow for a fast, comprehensive understanding of the information at hand. Organizations like the DOJ need a standalone E-Discovery product that is licensable, user-friendly, cost-effective and easy to maintain.”

Get to the Heart of the Case Quickly

“Government organizations outside the defense arena are not often known as technology innovators,” said Nunez. “But for some of the government’s chief litigators, an automated email analysis tool is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. Often times, they simply don’t have the labor or financial resources to sustain long investigations against multiple corporate foes with deeper pockets. What they need is a solution that will allow them to get to the heart of a case quickly, while ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality and security.”

Companies are Vulnerable

Knowledge is power — and whoever has the most knowledge has the bigger advantage. While the DOJ now has a substantial leg-up in the race to find important evidence, corporations are still caught in the trenches of the traditional E-Discovery review process. But as the DOJ’s adoption of such technology increases, corporations that can’t assess their own data as quickly as opposing counsel are at a potentially devastating disadvantage.

“Companies that are unable to quickly analyze their electronic documents are extremely vulnerable — without sufficient understanding of their legal position, corporate counsel is paralyzed, or worse, misled,” said Nunez. “The current approach to E-Discovery offers little relief — it is a process dominated by a parade of outsourced service providers, and it relies largely on manual approaches and methods that are error prone, time consuming and simply not scalable to address the exponential growth in content being created and stored electronically.”

About MetaLINCS

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