Bail Opposed for Dotcom – Alleged Copyright Pirages May Flee Country, Say Police – Bail has been opposed in a New Zealand court for Kim Dotcom, the man who was arrested at his $30 million mansion in Auckland, New Zealand, two days ago. New Zealand police believe Dotcom poses a risk of fleeing New Zealand.

The alleged copyright pirates were arrested in a major police and FBI swoop on the mansion, north of Auckland and all face extradition to the United States inr espect of their alleged role in trafficking in pirated material via the site

Federal prosecutors claim the copyright owners of the movies, music, gaming and other material sent through the file-sharing site has account for over $620 million in lost revenue.

Police opposed the application claiming Dotcom had access to a range of private transport including jets, helicopters and yachts and this created a serious risk that he could flee if released on bail.

Dotcom’s lawyer Paul Davison said his client denies the allegations and criticised the scale of the police operation to arrest him.

Seventy-six police officers were involved in the raid at Coatesville mansion, which saw 18 luxury vehicles worth an estimated $6 million seized.

Davison said the operation was “unnecessarily aggressive” and claimed the police had been secretly filming the mansion in the lead up to the arrests.

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