Best Bully Sticks for Dogs

New York (April,2011) Beef treat prized by dogs…and owners, too! They are a good, hard treat that will last a long time and they taste great (to dogs). It can take a strong dog well over an hour to eat one, thus it is a safe way to keep energetic dogs occupied, even when unsupervised. The beauty of a bully stick is that it is pure beef, which is 100% digestible and doesn’t pose a bowel blockage threat.
Best Bully Sticks for Dogs
Bully Sticks for dogs, dog treats and dog chews come in a wide range of styles, flavors, ingredients – and quality. Poor quality bully sticks, for example, can result in unintended consequences. Low quality production, high fat and added chemicals and preservatives can cause more harm than good.
The Best Bully Sticks Doesn’t Mean The Most Expensive Either!
1800BullySticks is passionate about dogs and they offer their high-quality bully sticks for dogs (and many other dog treats and chews) at low prices. They are very competitive and considering the added value for you.
100% Natural Free-Range Grass-Fed No Additives No chemicals-MADE IN USA! We offer a long-lasting satisfying chew BullySticks that help to reduce tartar and maintain your dog’s healthy teeth and gums. Made of all natural beef they are fully digestible low fat high protein. Only ValuePetSupplies hand measures each bully stick for consistent thickness. Choose from Regular Medium Thick and Jumbo sizes! Please allow for natural variation. Our high quality bully sticks are processed and baked properly ensuring extremely low moisture content. Low moisture content reduces odor when chewed
10 Inch Thick Braided Bully Sticks
Braided Bully Sticks taste great and satisfy your dogs urge to chew. These dog chews that use an authentic, all-natural process that assures every quality treat is flavorful and easily digestible. Our dogs go nuts over these chews and yours will too! These aren’t rawhide chews. These are slow roasted delicious beef chews. Made in a dog treat plant built to USDA specifications. Your dog won’t find any fillers, added salt, grain, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Great Value! 100% Digestible. These long lasting non-messy chews will become your dog’s obsession!

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