$20 BP Billion Claim Fund Now Known as the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and Personal Injury Attorney News

Lawfuel.com Dean Law principal Christopher Dean comes from a family of medical specialists, including a father who was a surgeon, 4 brothers who are surgeons and a sister who is a physical therapist.

Founding attorney Christopher Dean grew up understanding the importance helping those in need. He has been practicing law since 1995 and is a Christian lawyer with a strong commitment to helping those who are facing difficult legal problems.

He also specialises in BP claims realting to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Whether you have sustained a devastating injury due to personal injury or wrongful death, suffered financial loss due to negligence, or are engaged in a business dispute, our firm can help. We will carefully investigate your situation and vigorously protect your interests.

This system of paying victims of BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill was announced on 15 June 2010. It is a joint effort between BP and the federal government to establish an “organized” system of paying victims of this disaster under what is now called the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. Filing this claim is not like filing a lawsuit. No representation by an attorney is necessary.

This fund will not be sufficient to pay the claims and losses related to this disaster. Nevertheless, Dean Law Firm believes it is a good start for certain types of victims of this disaster.

For a victim to receive payment from this fund, that victim must provide documentation of the losses to support the claim. This is the tricky part. If a victim does not have an experienced law firm like the Dean Law Firm advising her before the claim is submitted to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, that victim might unknowingly limit the ultimate recovery she is entitled to. In other words, she may have missed something because she has never done this before.

When Will the Gulf Coast Claims Facility Pay Me?

You first must file a claim. The handler of your claim will ask for personal information and proof of your loss. Even if you have already filed a claim with BP, you must still file a claim with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.
Kenneth Feinberg, the administrator of the fund, has made emergency payments to individuals and businesses for 2010 losses and has now begun the process of making final payments.
The $20 billion fund has been set up to pay emergency, or short term, payments to those who file a claim. Over time, the total value of your losses will be calculated based on the proof of your losses you provide to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. If you prove your losses, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility will pay a lump sum payment for your losses.

When Will It Be Too Late to File My BP Claim?

You should ask an attorney for her opinion.
The deadline for submission of claims for emergency payments to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility was 23 November 2010. You may still submit what the GCCF calls Voluntary Interim Payment Claims for past losses. These types of claims do not include payment for future losses or damages.
The Gulf Coast Claims Facility will shut down operations on August 22, 2013. We recommend you do not wait to seek advice or file a claim.
The court system has not, but very likely will, answer this question eventually.

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