5 Quick Tips To Losing Weight Over Christmas WITHOUT Dieting


We know that losing weight over Christmas can be one of life’s most impossible achievements.  Yet it is perfectly achievable and to avoid the over-eating and weight-gain you might get from the usual Christmas endulgences here are five quick ways to actually lose weight over the Christmas period.

First,  eat off small plates.  This might seem simple – which is because it IS simple – but the fact is that you can achieve much more by actually eating off smaller plates to trick the mind into eating less.  It is tried and true and works a treat.

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2.  Get to bed earlier. 

The fact  is that those night owls who stay up late will be eating more and a University of Colorado study has shown that they weight more than those who sleep the more usual eight hours.  Furthermore, getting a good night’s sleep will also permit effective energy-burn during the waking hours and assist you to maintain an appropriate weight for your body type and age.

So get that sleep!

3.  Drink Plenty of Water

Having plenty of water to drink will help you maintain a ‘full’ feeling.  However it has many other benefits too, such as expelling harmful toxins from the body and thirst can often be mistaken for hunger for food.  You’re  not tricking the body, but you are avoiding the unnecessary eating that will put on equally unnecessary weight.

4.  Eat more slowly.

There is ample evidence and study showing that we eat too quickly.  Over Christmas you might have a plethora of delightful food before you, but by pacing yourself you can actually savor it more easily and also avoid putting on extra weight.  It has been estimated by Arthritis.org that we can eliminate up to 300 calories a day from our diet by simply eating more slowly.

By properly chewing our food and slowing down the eating process you will also aid digestion and the absorption of essential nutrients into the body more easily.

5.  Keep a Food Diary

Using a food diary has been proven time and again to create effective weight loss.  It not only lets you monitor what you’re eating, but you will generate some sense of ‘guilt’ about snacking unnecessarily.


These five ‘hacks’ are all simple and easy. Anyone can do them and yet they are extremely effective in achieving weight loss or actually having you lose weight this Christmas – and at any other time.


Maricarmen2About Mary Grisolia.  Mary is a Venezuelan living in France since 2008, Mary is a scientist, educator, nutrition coach and personal trainer, and she combines her work as a coach with her role of mother of 3 and housewife.

She’s a chemist with a PhD in Theoretical Physical Chemistry and a Post Doctorate in Nanochemistry. She’s also a graduate in Science Education specialized in Online Learning Environments and has 7 years of experience as a university professor in Venezuela.   Check Her New Program Here

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  1. If you change just one lifestyle habit, instead of struggling to power through a traditional “diet,” you can lose two or more pounds each week. If you change up to three habits, you may lose more. Sounds simple? Great article btw 🙂

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