7 Best Single Tree Flower Essences: Black Spruce

“I feel that the male principle has been so crippled and wounded from conditioning, that it’s extremely difficult to have a healthy male principle in either a woman or a man. The male principle is the creator, that which quests for the higher, that which moves creatively toward something of inspiration…

But males don’t do that anymore! They build buildings, but they do it for money, which is a degradation of the principle. That which moves from the mundane to the transcendent is the male principle and it’s very, very shaky in most people”

Our handcrafted Tree flower essences capture the energy of different trees found in the forests and parklands of Canada and elsewhere. They fall within the category of vibrational essences of which the most famous are the Bach Flower Remedies. Homeopathic remedies are also vibrational in nature.

What happens when we ingest a Tree Flower Essence?”

A good analogy is listening to music. By taking an essence, we hear the music of a tree and imbibe its qualities. We can also think of the process of taking an essence as a transfer of a tree’s resonance to us. Each tree has its own unique resonance and this resonance has been found to be highly beneficial. As when you are with a tree, feeling connected, nourished in its presence, so when you ingest an essence you are taking in the same energy.

Black Spruce is a powerful presence and its essence has a deep healing significance, especially for the male or active side. It acts as a light in a dark room or the sunrise in the morning helping us to see and acknowledge hidden forces that may govern our actions. Through the light of understanding healing, release and renewal are possible.

The dark side of the male be experienced in the form of sexual addictions, aggressiveness, dark anger, frustration and destructiveness. For men this essence helps bring to consciousness these hidden forces and to release their hold. For women: deep seeded anger towards men is healed with this essence.

For impatience, anger, abuse, addictions, aggressive and destructive feelings.

Speaks of compassion, patience and understanding. Heals relationships with men.. Awareness of male ancestral patterns, the imprint of the male lineage. Black Spruce transforms through the light of understanding, bringing forth clarity, firmness, patience and compassion into the healing process. It may inspire men to speak of their experiences, especially encouraging older males to share with younger males healthy and affirming ways they have learned of expressing their masculinity.

Black Spruce is found across Canada and the Northern US from the Maritime then west to the interior of British Columbia and up through Alaska.Its trunk grows straight and in the forest it may be without branches for much of its length, so I was fortunate to come upon a cluster of young Black Spruce with an abundant supply of fine small cones on top of a hill a short walk from Lake Superior. This freshwater lake, the size of an Inland Sea, has noticeable tides and powerful waves, but on this spring day the vast waters were still frozen and silent. This point on the lake is known as the Agawa Rock as their are pictograms painted by the Ojibwa people to celebrate a major event in their history, the crossing of Lake Superior by a group of men in canoes. It is known that Black Spruce roots were used for sewing birch bark canoes. Its resin was used as chewing gum and a poultice for sores, and the inner bark to treat a variety of other ailments. One of the most striking drawings at Agawa depicts a horned lynx demigod of Lake Superior.

In love and tantra practice, Black Spruce helps us experience love as a healing journey, supporting honesty, warmth, release and ultimately transformation into more light filled ways for men and women to move together. Black Spruce resonates especially with the base chakra.

We have 7 powerful single tree flower essences.As we spoke of at the start of this article, each tree has its own qualities which we ingest when we take its essence.

Black Spruce is an important healer as it deals with many powerful emotions.

To learn more about the healing qualities of trees and to try our tree flower essences visit us at www.essences.ca

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