A former Australian assistant tax commissioner is to stand trial for allegedly defrauding the country after charges that he pocketed a third of the purchase price of tax minimisation schemes peddled by his private company. Nick Petroulias endured a marathon 36-day committal hearing about his tax minimisation schemes that allegedly defrauded the country of millions. Some tax.

The NSW Court of Appeal today overturned a decision to quash the charges against Petroulias, who was arrested on March 24, 2000 for an alleged scam said to have cost the government $20 million in lost revenue.

During his marathon 36-day committal hearing last year, Petroulias was accused of ensuring favourable rulings for tax minimisation schemes promoted by his private company while rival schemes were rejected.

He then allegedly pocketed a third of the purchase price for each plan sold, with payments made into a Hong Kong bank.

On March 3 this year, after his lawyers appealed, NSW Supreme Court Justice Carolyn Simpson quashed the charge against Petroulias and ordered the federal government pay his costs for the committal proceedings.

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