A Lab Established for Software to Restore Windows Backup Files in New Office

Gothenburg, Sweden, July 25, 2011 – If ‘Everything is a new beginning’ then why not establishment of lab for SysTools BKF Repair software which is for the purpose to Restore Windows Backup Files. The new lab established in new office (in Madrid, Spain recently inaugurated) has gone through the construction of a new lab where recruitment of certain important teams like – content team, quality analyst, market researchers, etc for upgrading the software.

“As we have created labs for almost all our software products in Gothenburg, same we will do in our new office located in Spain. Here lab establishment is also required so that software will work same effectiveness as here. The laboratory for BKF File repair tool to let you know how to open BKF files created in critical times. The mission for creating lab is to have great ideas, because ‘Great Minds, Great Finds’, when both the labs in Gothenburg and Spain, work in a joint venture, the resultant outcomes would surely have in length productivity of the software .” spoke, Evan Swans, on lab establishment day.

Allegan, Lab Director, SysTools Group spoke, “It’s like dream to work in Spain, till now if Spain is known for bullfights now it will also be known for SysTools products. We are handling laboratory works in Gothenburg, and now in Spain also for our Microsoft data backup recovery tool to restore Windows backup files. We are expanding our approach towards users needs. The lab is constructed with the mission to make good researches and later to work on them; here also we have arranged different teams for different work tasks. We have broad thinking like as a man known by the company he keeps so is the company known by the men it has. In the coming times users will be able to have done NTBackup repair process in a more better way because they will meet with new enhancements as lab people will work for it.” http://www.bkffilerecovery.net/

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