A Marketing Strategy that Works

The number of marketing options available grows every day. New places to advertise are popping up all the time. With that in mind, the general public is so inundated with the flood of advertising invading their space that they have nearly developed an immunity to the marketing epidemic.

This means that marketers have to become more creative and strategic in their advertising campaigns. People are busier today than ever, and that means that it takes more than just a newspaper ad to penetrate the filter of their overactive minds. The average person has subconsciously built mental barrier walls and numerous barricades to protect themselves from falling prey to continuous ploys to extract their hard earned money in exchange for frivolous trinkets. Thus, a well planned strategy must be developed and implemented to increase the probability of client acquisition victory.

The Advertising War

As with a physical war, a country’s military regime consists of several branches. When an attack is launched against another country, it is a team effort involving branches that are active in air, land, and sea attacks. It is much more difficult to defend against simultaneous attacks from a variety of areas. A three, or more, cord strand is not easily broken. This is the same principle applied to the marketing strategy.

It is impossible to shield every advertising media simultaneously. That is why it is necessary to actually launch an advertising campaign rather than using a single method of marketing and hoping that it hits something. I call that pop-shot marketing. A campaign is a systematic course of aggressive activities for achieving a specific purpose or goal.

Benefits of Multiple Advertising Approaches

By developing a system that integrates specific targeted appeals to your new market, you will win many positive points that will draw your clients to you.

• When a would-be client sees your company’s name in multiple locations, through multiple mediums, they develop a familiarity and comfort associated with it.
• Most people must view multiple advertising appeals before they act upon them. This is especially true of non-essential items.
• If a client decides to act upon a “fast passing” form of media advertising, such as a television commercial or billboard, they often refer to reference advertising such as telephone books or internet listing to actually obtain the contact information.

By combining multiple forms of advertising into one simultaneous marketing campaign, you reap all of the positive benefits of each form exponentially. You will be able to capitalize on spontaneous sales, name brand recognition, and reference advertising. The connotation of a stable, long standing company will evolve and cast a very positive light upon your company.

Regardless of the forms of advertising media that you choose to combine into your own campaign, don’t overlook specialty advertising products. By adding a well-chosen, long lasting, specialty item that meets your target market where they are, you will create a good and lasting first impression as well as a reference for your contact information for years to come. The expertise and selection of specialty products available at www.redfishmarketing.com.au will put a beautiful finishing touch on your marketing campaign.

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