A-Pluss.com Staff Supports Haiti School Reconstruction. Education: Our Priority!

A-Pluss.com writers and support staff have followed Haiti’s re-building efforts over the last year with interest and concern. They have chosen to focus their response on the provision of temporary schools. All staff is contributing, and an appropriate not-for-profit organization will use the funds. This reflects our commitment to education in the wider world.

A-Pluss.com staff was as shocked by Haiti’s earthquake damage as everyone else observing that country’s disaster. The situation in Haiti has improved, but nowhere near as much as necessary, or as much as all have hoped. Among the least restored of services, hundreds of destroyed schools remain in ruins.

A-Pluss.com employees have been contemplating how to help for some time now. We have decided that education is an appropriate sector of Haitian society where we want to have an impact. Although we cannot do something dramatic right away, we plan to set aside a portion of every employee’s pay for three to four months. This will accumulate a rather handsome donation.

To ensure that proper use is made of these funds, A-Pluss.com is researching the non-profit organizations active on this front. Some are setting up tent schools, others building permanent replacements. Whichever entity applies our contribution in Haiti, we will know we’ve been consistent in our support for education.

We have supported important causes before – such prior efforts are at our website, A-Pluss.com. All full description of our services and pricing is listed there as well.

About Us:

Our team of writers and editors and support staff has customers all over the globe. We help them with every imaginable assignment in fields unheard-of a few years ago. Our goal is to help them learn and achieve academically. A-Pluss.com’s outreach to Haiti is motivated by the same impulses: helping others to get an education.

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