A-Pluss.com Staffers Plant Trees, Offset Forest Loss: Care for World and Clients

A-Pluss.com has been watching the world’s cutting and burning of its forests with disquiet over the last several years. The British government proposals to sell off national forests shocked us into action. A-Pluss.com decided to undertake a tree-planting effort. We’re seeking the perfect location for our own grove. A-Pluss.com employees will contribute both trees and requisite labor. This is another initiative for sustainability: our care for the environment mirrors our care of customers.

The globe’s forests are its lungs. They act as the earth’s other body parts as well. Consider that they produce oxygen, sequester CO2, and provide sustenance, shelter, fiber, and fuel for most terrestrial species. Sadly, man has clear-cut, clear-burned, and altered the climate, affecting many areas and tree species. A-Pluss.com staff can’t miss this!

A-Pluss.com wants to respond constructively, especially in light of last autumn’s news of forest sales by the British government. A-Pluss.com plans to replace some tiny portion of the lost woods by planting new trees ourselves. The ideal location might be a “brown-fields” site, that is, a former industrial area not otherwise very useful. Every employee will help with digging, planting, and watering, and the resulting bosky dell will be A-Pluss.com’s legacy.

This is an example of A-Pluss.com’s ongoing efforts at responsible environmental citizenship. You can learn about other caring initiatives at http://a-pluss.com.

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