A PST to NSF Exporter That Does Not Corrupt Email Attachments during Conversion

Spain, January 21, 2010 – A possible threat while converting Microsoft Outlook PST files to Lotus Notes NSF format using a third-party PST to NSF Exporter tool is the corruption of email attachments. A corrupted attachment appears normal in the mail; so, this problem is difficult to test automatically. The name and icon are clearly visible but while the user tries to open or save it, he can’t.

A common complaint by many users is about the corruption of email attachments while performing PST to NSF conversion using a third-party tool. This is a problem faced by a large number of people. For many people, email attachments are highly important for their work and they cannot lose them. Using a non-reliable PST to NSF exporter can corrupt the email attachments and pose a serious problem for the user.

Users needing to Convert PST to NSF have a reason to smile now. There is a PST to NSF exporter that does not hamper email attachments while converting Outlook emails to Notes. This reliable product is SysTools Outlook to Notes software. This is a dependable tool that does not corrupt or hamper any email attachment in any way while exporting emails from Outlook PST to Notes NSF format.

About SysTools – SysTools Group is a software development company. Email conversion is one of the many data aspects covered by the company. It develops software products for email migration and SysTools Outlook to Notes is one of these software products used to export Outlook PST email items to Lotus Notes NSF format. This PST to NSF exporter tool does not damage/corrupt/delete/hamper the email attachments while converting Outlook emails to Notes.

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