A Ukrainian style charitable event “Kozak Night 2011” took place in Kyiv

On the evening of the 25th of June in Kyiv, the 7th annual charitable event “Kozak Night” raised funds for worthy causes chosen by the evening’s organizers “Kyiv Lions Club”. This year the event was also celebrating the 20 years of Ukraine’s independence.

Attendees included Ukrainian and expatriate businessmen, politicians and celebrities. All funds raised by the event directly fund charity projects sponsored by Kyiv Lions Club – an organization dedicated to supporting Kyiv’s most desperate needs. For example, money raised by previous events has been used to support orphanages and nursing homes and to buy essential equipment for hospitals.

Kozak Night upholds many Ukrainian national traditions. This year’s programme included master classes in doll making, pottery, Ostrich egg painting and garland making. The guests were treated to traditional Ukrainian cuisine and beverages. The evening accommodated 300 highly esteemed guests.

The evening was hosted by DJ Pasha, the irreplaceable voice of Gala Radio, and entertainment was provided by the Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk and “Mandry” rock band. Also guests enjoyed performance of “Zolote Pereveslo” folk group, “Nashi Muziki” band, and a singer Antonina Matvienko.

Also at the event, the new president of Kyiv Lions Club, Marjon Cals was announced as the winner of the clubs elections. Marjon is the first ever female president for the club.

The main organizer of the evening this year was Gala Radio. The event was supported by following companies and brands: Intercontinental hotel, Imperial Tailoring Co company, KPMG, ING bank, Tavria cognac, Hyatt hotel, Fly UIA, Horizon Capital, MTS, Krilov’s Group, Slavutich beer, Rosinka brand, Porto-Mare park hotel, Veseliy Kloun company, PR-agency “Whites Communication”, security company “Sitch”, entertaining complex “Shooters”, restaurant chain “Mirovaya Karta”, “Kozatska Rada” alcohol brand. Media partners of the evening where What’s On, Business Ukraine, and Kyiv Post.

Kozak Night is one of the four annual fundraising efforts held by “Kyiv Lions Club” to collect funds for charity. Every kopeck raised from ticket sales and charity auctions will be used to support charity projects. In the last 15 months Kyiv Lions Club has spent over 250 000 USD on many varied charitable projects . In total, the Club has donated over a million dollars in the nine years of its activity.

Kyiv Lions Club was registered in 2002. Since then it has expanded to over 80 members who through their expertise and hard work have raised and donated over a million dollars to worthy causes in Ukraine. Such is the growing reputation of that international companies now view Kyiv Lions Club as a safe means of making charitable donations and of ensuring that their generosity is not diverted. KLC donations have been used to provide essential life support systems for new born babies, equipment for diagnosing cancer in children, teaching equipment for children with Down Syndrome, sporting opportunities for the mentally disabled, shoes and better living conditions for orphans, cataract operations, new glasses, vaccinations and Christmas baskets for the elderly as well as providing construction and decoration materials for homes for the orphaned, sick and elderly. All of this has been made possible through kindness and generosity of Club’s friends. Kyiv Lions Club would like to say thank you to all who gave of their time and money to support its projects. For more information please see http://www.kyivlionsclub.org/

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