Abolish the post of Lord Cancellor after hundreds of years. Set up a new, Supreme Court and a new body to appoint judges. The changes are hasty and not thought through according to some.

Matthias Kelly, who leads barristers in England and Wales, said the proposed changes were hasty and not thought through and came after the government announced sweeping changes to the legal system.

These included the abolition of the post of Lord Chancellor after hundreds of years and the setting up of a new Supreme Court and an independent body to appoint judges.

The changes will come under a new Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA), the organisation of which has been criticised by the Tories and even Labour MPs as “botched”. Although Mr Kelly said lawyers welcomed the principle of separating the law from politics, he was concerned the reforms were being implemented too quickly.

Mr Kelly said: “The scale of the changes takes your breath away and the speed is quite remarkable.” He said barristers were concerned about appointments to the new Judicial Appointments Commission, fearing it would end up full of “party hacks”.

“It’s about who’s going to choose the people who choose the judges,” he said.

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