Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) Software Now Available

Toronto, Canada – GAO Research Inc. ( has rolled out a better performance Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) software. This AEC software complies to ITU-T G.167 standard. It is implemented in assembly or C and has user-callable functions. It supports robust double-talk detection, high performance full duplex operation and automatic gain control. The software features low data memory, program memory and computational requirements. Its robust design delivers consistent results. It can be easily integrated with applications as standard phone or cell phone in hands-free mode, teleconferencing systems, hands-free car phone products, hospital patient care systems, etc. The AEC software can be run on most commercially available DSPs/microprocessors and most popular real time operating systems.
About GAO Research Inc.
GAO Research Inc. ( is a recognized international leading provider of communications software to telecom and electronics companies and provides the most comprehensive and unique suite of modem, fax, telephony, speech software, VoIP, FoIP, fax relay and fax/modem/voice relay software for embedded applications for DSP and microprocessors.
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