Additional Infringement Claims Asserted ST. CHARLES, Ill.- LAWFU…

Additional Infringement Claims Asserted

ST. CHARLES, Ill.- LAWFUEL – Law News, Law Jobs Network -Liquid Dynamics Corp., St. Charles, Illinois, announced that on November 13, 2006, the United States Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Vaughan Company, Inc., from a multi-million dollar patent infringement verdict entered in favor of Liquid Dynamics in November 2004, following a jury trial in Chicago.

Mark Crump, president of Liquid Dynamics, is the inventor of United States Patent No. 5,458,414, covering a proprietary design for mixing systems marketed by Liquid Dynamics under the JetMix® trade name. The JetMix® system is commonly used in large circular tanks ranging in size from 20,000 gallons to 3 million gallons or more. The patent covers arrangements of jet nozzles which create a unique, substantially helical, volume filling flow in large tanks containing liquids and slurries, resulting in major improvements in process efficiency and reduction in operating costs. The JetMix® system has broad application in municipal water and wastewater treatment as well as in industries such as pulp and paper, power generation, petrochemical and many others.

Liquid Dynamics originally sued Vaughan, a pump manufacturer, in 2002 after Vaughan hired a former Liquid Dynamics employee and then copied the JetMix® design in a 2001 RotaMix installation. The Supreme Court affirmed the holding of the Court of Appeals, which rejected Vaughan’s contention that it had not copied. The jury also found willful infringement by Vaughan in 46 additional RotaMix installations. Because of Vaughan’s willful infringement, the court also trebled the jury’s damage award.

In addition to money damages, the Federal District Court in Chicago entered a permanent injunction against Vaughan in February 2005, prohibiting further infringement.

The first Liquid Dynamics lawsuit against Vaughan addressed 47 RotaMix installations during the period beginning in the year 2000 and ending May 31, 2002. Liquid Dynamics also announced the filing on October 10, 2006, of a second lawsuit against Vaughan, seeking damages for patent infringement in connection with more than 60 additional RotaMix installations between June 2002 and February 2005.

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