Advanced SQL Recovery Tool Gained User Appreciation for Foolproof Performance

Gothenburg, Sweden, December 22, 2011: Progress and amendments as per the requirements of the users is not possible unless and until the developer of a tool gets to know about the positive and negative aspects in the software. To know the cons and pros regarding the SQL Recovery software of the company, online forms were distributed to the existing users of SQL Server database recovery software so that so important facts about the tool can bulge out. With time, the demand of users grow up and thus they need more advancement in the tools as they receive different types of problems related to SQL Server and to deal with new troubles , amendments in the tool are required with the help of users only.

The online forms constituted some crucial particulars that must be available in an advanced SQL Recovery tool like how proficiently the software fix MDF file, how much time is taken to recover database from corrupted SQL Server, if the demo version of the tool proved helpful, if the error messages get fixed easily, does the graphical user interface of the software provide any assistance in recovery process etc. To an astonishing part, around 85% users provided positive feedback regarding software functionality and other related details.

Evans Swans, Director of the Company states: “Corruption in SQL database is inacceptable and its recovery is possible only with an advanced SQL Recovery tool. Our SQL Recovery software is designed to fix corrupt MDF file and we are happy to know that our solution is approved by high percentage of users. Their likings and disliking regarding the software will be kept in concern and further implants will be done in the software to make it much better. Online form distribution was the best method for which we could opt for in order to know what our users feel about our resolution to convert corrupt SQL Server database. ”

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