After 13 long and fraught years – and after their own trials and tribulations – Disney have at last had a win with a Los Angeles judge throwing out a lawsuit alleging the company underpaid royalties to a Winnie the Pooh licensing firm.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charles W. McCoy ended the long-running case, citing as cause for dismisssal the plaintiff’s undisclosed use of a private detective to retrieve confidential Disney documents from the company’s trash bins, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The case was brought by Stephen Slesinger Inc., based in Tampa, Fla., which claimed that Disney should have been paying royalties not just on stuffed animals and other merchandise, but also on videotape and DVD sales, items that were not included in the original 1983 agreement.

The 28-page ruling dismissed the case with prejudice, which means Slesinger cannot bring legal action on the same claim again.

The company’s “misconduct was willful, tactical, egregious and inexcusable,” the judge wrote, adding that Slesinger’s behavior had so thoroughly corrupted the case that the only solution was to toss out the suit.

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