Amanda Knox Case Victory in Case That Has “Ill Wind Blowing” – 7 September 2011 – Amanda Knox, the student jailed for murdering her English housemate, is hoping to win her appeal against conviction following her success in an Italian court that rejected a call for a further review of evidence.

Knox, 24, was charged with the 2007 murder of language student Meredith Kercher at their home in Perugia, Italy.

The Italian court rejected the prosecution request to review evidence that was used to convict Knox after an independent report found the evidence of experts to be unreliable. He rejected evidence of recently found records regarding the original tests and a request to hear new evidence, all of which were opposed by Knox’s defence team.

Knox’s father said he was hopeful his daughter would be released from prison soon, while a prosecutor said there was “an ill wind blowing in this case.”

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