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Safe cigarettes — do they even exist?

A smokeless cigarettemay sound odd, but for those who are looking for options for “safe smoking,” an electronic cigarette is a welcome idea. When it comes to enjoying cigarette vapor without the smoke, offers TheSafeCig as the top electronic cigarette to buy. Innovation works even for simple pleasures. Now, enjoying cigarettes without the tar, the ash, and the stench is possible. TheSafeCig smokeless cigs offer a cleaner, cheaper, and safer way to quit burning traditional tobacco cigarettes that are easily and negatively associated with the phrase “second hand smoke.”

At, based on the ratings and reviews, TheSafeCig is the most trusted and reliable brand of electronic cigarettes. Proudly American-made, the people behind TheSafeCig smokeless cigaretteresearch and development made sure nothing was spared to be able to come up with a product that American consumers can trust and easily identify with. It’s also a welcome bonus that the family owned and operated company, TheSafeCig, proudly supports the U.S. troops.

A controlled nicotine release system allows TheSafeCig users to enjoy a smokeless cigarettethat suit users’ varying preferences, delivering nicotine at 24 mg, 18 mg, 14 mg, 11 mg, 6 mg and 0 mg (no nicotine) levels. TheSafeCig also features a nicotine delivery system that has no on/off button. That means smoking with TheSafeCig is done the way one would normally draw on a traditional tobacco cigarette—and that’s just how those new to electronic cigarette starter kits would like it. TheSafeCig’s flow sensor, integrated with the rechargeable battery, is designed to instantly and responsively power on to produce a cigarette vapor that a user can readily inhale and exhale.

TheSafeCig battery holds a charge that can last from 5 to 7 hours depending on how heavily the electronic cigarette is used. It lasts relatively longer given that TheSafeCig employs a system that automatically powers down when not in use.

An alternative to tobacco does not serve its purpose if it can come close to the real thing but cannot offer added benefits. TheSafeCig embodies the features of what a good alternative is. TheSafeCig cartridge makes use of an atomization technology that yields a large amount of cleaner and longer lasting cigarette vapor. A canister of TheSafeCig is equivalent to two traditional cigarette packs.

TheSafeCig is offered in only three flavors developed to closely imitate traditional tobacco taste — but there are several other brands with various flavors to find at TheSafeCig cigarette starter kits are available in three types: the basic Starter Kit, Starter Kit Pro, and Starter Kit Deluxe. The Starter Kit comes with everything you need in an e cigarette starter kit. The Starter Kit Pro is the Starter Kit with an extra battery. The Starter Kit Deluxe, on the other hand, is a package of 3 batteries, a safe case, a car charger, a spare USB charger, and extra refills.

Smoking no longer has to instantly mean offensive smoke, inconvenient ash, stench on clothes, or frustration due to restraint in no-smoking areas. Consumers can enjoy smokeless cigarettealternatives without sacrificing taste.

Enjoy a cheaper and cleaner way to smoke with TheSafeCig and get the lifetime warranty of a world-class product from the company that introduced electronic cigarettes to America.

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