An election worse than Florida 2000? Legal challenges running until inauguration day? An election “perfect storm”? One law professor says ‘maybe’.

If the presidential election is as close as most experts predict, it could be weeks before the outcome is certain.

That’s the opinion of Jonathan Turley, a law professor and election law expert at George Washington University.

Turley says there are many unknowns that could delay the outcome, ranging from the challenge of new provisional ballots to the disposition of Colorado’s electoral votes.

Voters in Colorado are deciding whether to continue to award the state’s electoral votes in a block to the winner or distribute them proportionally among the candidates.

Turley says if the vote is razor-close in one or two states and the Colorado issue is challenged in court, the problems could “be worse than Florida” in 2000 and the legal challenges could easily run right up to Inauguration Day.

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