An Internal Event Selected SysTools Software SQL Recovery as Best Seller Tool

Gothenburg, Sweden, September 10, 2011 – Amongst many in list of nominations for category of Best Seller Award, SQL Recovery software win the award as ‘Best Seller Tool’ in an internal event named ‘SAAC’ or ‘SysTools Annual Award Ceremony’. The ceremony is attended by all the members of the company located at different locations in the world.

Honorable Head of the Department for Product Development, Evan Swans, said, “Winning an award carries prestige and shows the pinnacle of excellence, like SysTools Software SQL Recovery bagged an award as Best Seller award, reason for receiving this award is that, this software ended up with 100,000th customer in the year 2010, in various regions of the world, I want to congratulate for gaining such a recognition. Our SQL Recovery software to recover damaged SQL database is remarkable creation, as it represents the new measure for the value of SQL database.”

Susan Kaet, Web Team Director, says, “It is remarkably honored to get such an award, it shows the balance software creates in technology and productivity. We have worked hard in making software a unique tool; I am contented that software received such an honor.”

Lab, Director, Allegan said, “This Award ceremony is like super bowl, that is not meant for monopolizing or dominated rather than such functions are for inspiration and tool have healthy competition.”

Joseph Cain, Heading Support Department, said, “Awards mean lot to us, statistics revealed that SysTools Software SQL Recovery are highest in number to buy, this is no less than an achievement, cherish to congratulate them. Awards are like tangible symbol denoted distinction, and if this SQL Recovery software has bagged this, then there must be something distinctive quality resided in the software.”

This software cost-effective utility recover entire SQL database when lead to serious corruption, and bring errors, due to numerous circumstances. Software ends up with errors and corruption systematically in less than expected time.

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