An SQL Database Repair Tool Now Updated to Fix Torn Page Corruption Also

SysTools SQL Recovery tool has been released in the version 4.7 that has an advanced feature for SQL database repair. This SQL database repair utility can now fix torn page corruption also; great news for SQL users. Gothenburg, Sweden, May 14, 2010 – A widely used SysTools product, SysTools SQL Recovery software has been released in its newer version v4.7 having an advanced feature for SQL database repair. Software has now been updated to fix torn page corruption issue as well besides working for all other major corruption issues. A page of SQL Server database is of 8Kb size and 1 Kb equals 1024 byte units. A Sector is the lowest unit of I/O for disk drive, which has 512 byte units. This means that a SQL Server database page has 16 sectors. At the time of power failure (without backups), one of these 16 sectors may not remain to the disk media. This problem is called as torn page corruption that usually comes due to power failure. After this corruption, user sees the Error 823 I/O error detected during at offset in file ”. Torn page corruption can now be handled by SysTools SQL Recovery software to perform the process of SQL database repair after such corruption has happened. Regarding this feature enhancement (to fix torn page corruption in order to repair SQL database), Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) says, “We want our users to get a one-stop SQL database repair solution and for that we want to make SysTools SQL Recovery software a complete solution that works in all sorts of corruption cases. This new version of this SQL database repair tool will have all the previous features along with this new added feature. SysTools SQL Recovery v4.7 is currently available for $129 (Personal License) & $229 (Business License).

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