Anthony Weiner Crotch Photo – Jon Stewart – Hacked Twitter Accounts – What Else?

June 1 2011 – It has to be a perfect storm of unneeded publicity for Anthony Weiner, who was unable to say whether he was “not” pictured in the now infamous crotch photo, but he is trying to find out just what happened.

The relevant photo in question was a close-up shot of a man’s underwear, which was tweeted from Weiner’s account on Friday night. The picture was addressed to a Seattle college student’s Twitter handle @GennetteC and was visible to all of the congressman’s followers.

Weiner spoke of Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” segment on Tuesday night in which Stewart suggested that the photo didn’t look like Weiner for what Weiner called “embarrassing reasons.”

Later the congressman said, “the photograph does not look familiar to me.” But he also indicated he wanted to ensure it was not “manipulated”.

“This was a hoax,” he said. “It was committed on me, it was a prank, it was a relatively easy one to do, making fun of my name. My accounts were hacked in to. I think at some point we’ve got to start focusing on other issues.”

Weiner added that questions about the issue can get “more and more and more invasive and bizarre.” Weiner did not directly respond to a question about whether he knows who is responsible for the incident.

Weiner’s office over the weekend said the congressman’s Twitter account was hacked, but on Tuesday, Weiner resisted answering questions about the incident.

“Let’s remember what happened here,” Weiner told Cordes. “Someone posted something on my Twitter page that was apparently directed at someone who says they don’t know me and I don’t know her. She says she didn’t get it. I didn’t send it. So then it becomes how did someone get access to my account, how did someone get access to photographs, is the photograph – was it manipulated, was it dropped in, we don’t know.”

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