APlusReports.com Studies Shakespeare Live: Writers Get Free Tix And Drama Seminars

Shakespeare is an author that students simply cannot avoid studying at some point. As a result, APlusReports.com writers have become more than intimate with his works as literature. To give writers better insight into drama, we are paying for all tickets to all performances of the Bard, no matter what form. We’ll also bring in expert lecturers to cover drama’s history.

However, it took a live performance of Cymbeline to give APlusReports.com management the epiphany that Shakespeare must be understood as theatre as well as literature. These great plays are interpreted in operas (consider Gounod’s Romeo and Juliet) and ballet (think of Mendelsohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream), and in parody and farce. They are joyous to see, presented by professionals and middle schoolers alike.

APlusReports.com will send our writers to any of these presentations at company expense. We hope to expand their appreciation of the immortal Shakespeare, of the timeless tales he re-told, and of drama more generally. Several seminars are also planned to cover the history and evolution of drama from its earliest beginnings in ritual and magic, to the most avant-garde of today’s theatrical offerings. Local drama experts will walk us through the colorful development of the thespian arts.

APlusReports.com has focused on a number of specialized areas of human knowledge and culture. More information on past such efforts is available at our website, http://aplusreports.com.

About Us:

We take our writers’ intellectual development very seriously. The results are evident in the quality of our output. Our customers count on a depth of inquiry and understanding that propels them to academic heights. If any writing project is causing trouble, our writers can illuminate it.

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