APlusReports.com Will Say Ole to Mexico during a Week of Celebration

Mexico, Ole! This is what APlusReports.com staffers will say during our week of Mexican focus. Food, music, history, art, literature of Mexico; all will fill the minds, the air, and the stomachs of our writers. All our writers love these cultural immersions! They give them a chance to widen their experience of the world. The greater the breadth of exposure, the more able a writer is to generate insights for each new assignment.

The lunchroom will fill with savory cumin, coriander, and chili scents. We hope someone learns to make the dish fancifully named ropa vieja, or ‘old clothes’! These are recipes to try at home too.

The lilting sound of Mariachi, Nortena, and Ranchera music will be audible all through the halls. We will hear talks on the history of Pre-Columbian Mexico, and examine the magnificent pyramids and sculptures. Our seminars will cover post-colonial history, as well. Lectures will additionally address on contemporary authors such as the essayist Carlos Fuentes, and the Nobel laureate Alfonso Garcia Robles. We don’t worry whether this knowledge will be directly applicable to any particular assignment; APlusReports.com management feels that all education is helpful to our writers. Our customers benefit from their widened vistas.

We do this often. You can read about past continuing education initiatives at http://aplusreports.com. All our services and prices are listed there as well.

About Us:

We value our writers as our primary asset. More particularly, our writers’ creativity and capacity to make connections between disparate ideas are what we sell. The result of this attention to their development is a writing team that can address any subjects our customers bring to us. Take advantage of this experience at APlusReports.com.

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