Are Promotional Products Worth their Weight?

The need to include promotional products in a marketing campaign has been controversial to say the least. Some consider them money unnecessarily spent. Others consider them a marketing essential. We will look at both sides of this argument and allow you to form an educated opinion on your own.
Arguments against Specialty Promotional Products

What arguments could an educated business person make to disregard the potential benefits of specialty promotional products?

• Specialty products just get tossed in the trash.
• Promotional items only reach one person.
• It requires face to face contact to deliver a specialty item.
• These items don’t reach the multitudes like other forms of advertising do, such as television or internet advertising.
• The cost is prohibitive.
Answering the Arguments

While the arguments against specialty promotional items expose some valid points, some say they are minor obstacles that can easily be overcome. We’ll look at each point individually.
Specialty Products are Trash?

Admittedly there are products out there that do not meet the needs of the target market and therefore end up in the trash. However, this can easily be resolved with careful item selection. By choosing a product that is useful, unique, and appeals to those you consider your target market, the trash issue is eliminated.
Promotional Items Reach One Person

Although promotional gifts are generally given to one person, that doesn’t mean that there is only one person affected by the product. Depending upon the item you choose, that can be exposed to a multitude. A great example of this is items of clothing. In addition, it is personal to the one person it was given to and that creates a loyalty that other advertising mediums never will.
It Requires Face to Face Delivery

Again, depending upon the item selected, specialty items are often included in direct mailing campaigns to entice the recipient to read the enclosed material. Some items do require face to face delivery or more expensive shipping methods. For those items, I continue to point out the loyalty and relationship invoked through this.
Not Reaching the Multitudes

Promotional items do no generally reach the multitudes, but it connects those that it does reach on a level that advertising to multitudes can not.
The Cost is Prohibitive

The cost argument can easily be laid to rest by careful selection. Specialty items can range in price from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. It requires you to set a budget and remain within its boundaries. While lower budgets do require the marketer to be a little more choosey and be certain that the selected item not only fits within the budget and accomplishes the set goal, but that it also is a useful item to the targeted market.

Should this challenge seem too overwhelming, don’t hesitate to consult the specialists at With the variety of products and the range of prices that the people at Red Fish Marketing offer, you will have no problem finding the perfect specialty item to suit your needs. You will quickly find that specialty products alone or combined with other marketing strategies definitely help you achieve your marketing goals short and long term.

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