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ASA Computer Center is one of South Florida’s finest computer service centers. It has been owned and operated by the same family since 1991. They provide fast and courteous service at affordable prices. ASA Computer Center has spent years building a reputation for quality service, support and value. In today’s world, technology changes fast. At ASA Computer Center, they are constantly training to meet the challenge of newer technology. They work with the area technical and career colleges to provide training for information technology students. ASA Computer Center, through its apprentice program has trained some of the finest information technology professionals in the area. ASA has more than 25 years of experience in computer repair, maintenance and support, which says, you can trust your equipment to ASA to get the best service available.

What do they do?
They are the Computer Repair Experts.
They have served the community over 25 years. If you have a problem after ASA services your system, (very unlikely) just call or visit their store and they are there to help you promptly.

They are the Laptop Repair Experts
If your Laptop won’t boot to the Windows, if your Laptop screen is cracked, if your Laptop has got a virus, if you can’t get on the internet or whatever your laptop problem is, don’t worry- ASA laptop experts can get it fixed.

Think your computer is not worth getting fixed?
Laptop or desktop, if the experts at ASA determine it is not cost effective to fix it, or if the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the system, they will let you know immediately and offer cost effective solutions to get you a new or used computer and save your money.

Professional Certified Computer Repair Service:
Their staff includes A plus Certified computer technicians, Microsoft certified network specialists, Cisco certified specialists and Computer software engineers. They are the best.

ASA’s priority service:
Do you need service in a hurry? For a small additional fee, they start service on your system immediately and complete the repair in the fastest time possible. A small price for extra fast service.

They are the small Business Network Experts:
Do you need a server or network installed for your business? Contact ASA. They are the experts in wired or wireless installation.
Do you need help maintaining your existing server or network? Just call ASA Computer Center and they will take care of your needs.

Emergency and Scheduled Onsite Service:
Do you need emergency service because your business computer is having problems or do you need routine service for your home computer, just call ASA and let their skilled technicians get your computer fixed fast.

Try their Remote Access Repair Service:
You need not leave the comforts of your home. If you can connect to the Internet, ASA can check and repair your computer remotely from their office. Once they connect to your computer, you can relax and watch a trained, expert technician fix your computer problems.

Save on new and used:
Are you looking for a custom built new system? Let ASA Computer Center build your next system, with the performance and features you need. They have special systems for Gamers, Graphic Artists, Musician, Autocad, and more.
Do you need a high performance, low cost refurbished desktop or Laptop computer, don’t worry, ASA Computer Center has got it all.

Contact Details:
Visit ASA computer Center’s website for more information: or

Address: ASA Computer Center
4031 NW 34th street
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319
Telephone: (954)731-9030
Fax: (954)731-9050
E-mail: [email protected]

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