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AUSTIN, Texas- LAWFUEL – US Legal News, Law Jobs -Barry & Loewy LLP today announced it has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against PokerTek, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTEK) and its Chief Executive Officer, Lou White, for breach of contract and fraud.

The suit was filed on behalf of TELLIS Software, Inc. (“TELLIS”), a Texas software development company.

The suit alleges that PokerTek contracted with TELLIS in 2004 to develop the software to run its PokerPro™ electronic poker tables. In exchange for the software, the contract required that PokerTek compensate TELLIS by granting it equity in PokerTek, and providing monetary compensation.

TELLIS fulfilled its contractual obligations and developed the software for PokerTek. However, once PokerTek received the software, the suit alleges it illegally breached its contract with TELLIS and refused to compensate the company for the software.

“In our view, PokerTek took TELLIS’ software without fully paying for it,” stated attorney Adam Loewy, of Barry & Loewy LLP. “With this lawsuit, we hope that PokerTek finally compensates our client for the software, as they originally promised to do.”

The suit is seeking millions of dollars in actual and punitive damages. The suit is filed in the Galveston Division of the Southern District of Texas (case number: 3:07-cv-00072).

If you would like to discuss this action or receive a copy of the lawsuit, please contact attorney Adam Loewy via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 800-892-5044.

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