Australian police yesterday raided the house of the prominent legal identity at the centre of allegations over sexual conduct with underage males.

Sexual Crime Investigation Branch detectives spent almost seven hours searching his house before seizing five large boxes of material.

The investigation was launched this week after police were advised a second former street kid had revealed to the Mullighan inquiry into the abuse of children in state care, and the Sunday Mail, that he had sex with the legal identity.

He gave the Sunday Mail a detailed account of the encounters, which occurred over a five-year period.

The witness – who said he was 16 when the encounters started – also alleges photographs of him and the legal identity naked were taken.

The raid involved a team of eight detectives who arrived at the legal identity’s house at 7am and executed a search warrant.

After 30 minutes, the man’s lawyer, Michael Abbott, QC, arrived and was joined 25 minutes later by his instructing solicitor, Nicholas Iles.

At one stage during the search, a Physical Evidence Section police officer spent almost 30 minutes at the house taking photographs.

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