Baker & McKenzie trial/verdict

I am writing as a quick follow up to your current coverage of the recent Baker & McKenzie trial in Mississippi, which ended with a historic verdict in terms of damages.

Thought you would want to know that motions for a new trial and for judgement notwithstanding the verdict, and motion for remittitur in the Baker & McKenzie case are being argued on January 18.

Given that you have the case featured on your home page, I’d like to send you the motions for your review. They are easy to wade through and are replete with facts that have not come through before, such as the reality of Evans’ financial situation vis a vis the deals in question (including admissions on his part during trial, as well as federal court rulings that Evans stole $2.7 million from an HEI sponsored joint venture, etc. ); the question of whether Held was in fact ever Evans’ attorney (central to the case, as you will remember); improper jury instructions and biasing of the jury.

Let me know if you want to speak with James Brown, the lead defense attorney. I am at 504-453-4874 (my mobile).

Also note that these motions will be argued next week, so it is timely. Many thanks for your time, Virginia Miller

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