Be a Self Employed Courier Professional with CRV courier Guide

The CRV-Courier Guide authored by the owner of the CRV Same Day Courier Services, Andy Stephens. The main concept of this guide is to make you self employed and let you earn decent money. The self employed courier service is an easy story if you know the secrets of the courier business and where to find the work.

This is incredibly simple and a well paid employment. Within 2-3 weeks, this would make you operate as a self employed courier and generating your own income. The process is very simple as you will be delivering packages all over the UK using your own cars or vans and would be paid decently for the same. This encourages the self employment and makes you independent. The work is decent enough and helps you enjoy life the way you want without being under the control of any boss.

The Self Employed Courier has a number of benefits. To highlight a few, it has a very low risk opportunity as you can stay in your current job and do a part time courier job. It doesn’t require any special business skills and selling skills. The start up cost is very low as well for this profession. This has no targets to achieve as you can earn as much as you want. It has no staff to manage and no boss to follow. The amazing concept of self employed courier is a fantastic way to earn substantial income.

The payment is based on the number of trips made to deliver the package and ranges from £ 274 – £ 340 depending on the distance covered within UK. This is based on the 70p per mile outbound & 45p per mile for a return load. These are the standard rates for car/small van couriers, and are based on carrying a single parcel only. The more parcels you carry, the more money you earn. And more importantly you don’t have any competition in this profession.

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