Benefits of Supply Chain Management

SCM can help you transform a traditional linear supply chain into an adaptive network with the following benefits.

With the increased visibility ( into the supply chain and adaptive supply chain network, you can be more responsive. You can sense and respond quickly to changes and quickly capitalize on new opportunities.

By offering a common information framework that supports communication and collaboration, SCM enables you to better adapt to and meet customer demands.

You can track and monitor compliance in areas as environment, health and safety.

Information transparency and real-time business intelligence can lead to shorter cash-to-cash cycle times. Reduced inventory levels and increased inventory turns across the network can lower overall costs.

With SCM, you can lower operational expenses with timelier planning for procurement, manufacturing and transportation. Better order, product and execution tracking can lead to improvements in performance and quality – and lower costs.You can also improve margins through better coordination with business partners.

Tight connection with trading partners keep your supply chain aligned with current business strategies and priorities, improving your organization’s overall performance and achievement of goals.

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