Best Ways Of Working With Tree Essences

People are amazed by the immediate response they feel and the goodness of our tree essences when they use them. We get testimonials on a regular basis and I wish to thank you for that, because your sharing is one proof that they work!

We cannot prove scientifically how they work! No more than proving how deep a mother feels for her child! But we were able to have an expert in the USA test the level of vibrations with a machine that reads the hertzian waves. The test showed that the essences are totally alive and each bottle has itsown level of vibration, so that is one step towards seeing that they create energy and movement. You can read about this test in our Tree Essences Guidebook.

From long experience, your sharing, our observations, user group tests of essences and tests like the above with Hertzian waves, we know that our tree flower essences work. We know trees have infinite greatness available to us. When we attune ourselves to their vibrations via the essences, something happens….

What happens?Mostly 3things.

One: The essences dig into our being to bring out our strength, our possibilities, our beauty, so our true being can shine: Which we may have forgotten temporarily due to events, experiences, unconscious memories, etc.

Two: The essences will support a transition, a difficult time or situation and help deal with what we may call sometimes, the unfairness or test of life!

And three: They work on deep-rooted wounds and patterns underlying, which sometimes create undesired thoughts or behaviors, we wish to condemn.

You may have witnessed miracles for yourselves and around you with our essences. We certainly have. You may also have noticed how the essences gracefully do their magic.

AND YET, sometimes, you may not always know how to bring them to clients, friends or family around you. Let’s talk about that.

When I work with practitioners wanting to use essences, and even experienced ones, for some, the challenge seem to be introducing essences to their clients, without sounding too weird and getting their clients to see that essences are simple and natural tools that will support them through their healing.

So how to approach and explain to your clients and even your friends and companions that essences can help them?

Depending on your style, you may try different ways, for example:

1. To People I know well:

When a client, a friend or family member that I know for some time, shares with me about what is going on, I will naturally tell them which essence would support them and why, meaning what they can expect out of the essence for their challenges or emotional state of being. I will instruct them as to how to take it, how many times a day and for how long.

2. When I meet someone for the first time, and after a session:

I will introduce the concept of emotional support when I feel appropriate. If not, I may wait for another meeting.

Otherwise, I point out everything we do to support the body, the mind and people around us etc… And I also speak about what we do for ourselves? How do we support our feelings? How do we face our guilt, disappointments, regrets, anger or sadness?

I may talk about how the great physician Dr. Bach found that plants seemed to have an effect on people emotionally and how he developed a line of flower essence dealing with the different states humans may go through. And how, since the 1930’s and after thousands of positive stories, people have transformed their well beings.

Then, I introduce our Tree Essences in part as a continuity of his work, using trees to deal with today’s challenges. Depending on their questions about the subject and their reception, I will proceed by explaining that essences work via resonance, meaning your vibration and the tree’s vibration. It is a little bit like music, which I often use as example. Because at this point, the person in front of you may need more concrete words. I proceedto explain that Vibration is like the sounds and feelings we experience when we listen to a beautiful piece of music and how it particularly touches our heart and soul.

I may give another example of a walk in the forest. I ask if they are close to some trees or if they enjoy a particular tree or if they enjoy going to the country and why.

I may add that trees are the oldest beings on this planet and actually the largest being that may have ever existed lives in California. It is a giant Sequoia, which I had the privilege to be in the presence of and what a beautiful experience that was. Over 2000 years old!

Then depending on where my client is with all that information, I will most likely suggest an essence and most of the time two, working synergistically. I will explain why I feel these essences will bring support. I will bring out the strengths and qualities I feel this person has and how the trees will help those to shine.

3. When we do not have much time to speak with the person.
When there is not much time to speak due to circumstances such asin a store or other type of work, I ask simple questions such as:

A. Describe in one or two sentences where you are in your life right now and how you generally feel. This describes her state in the moment. What is urgent and important to take care of?

B. Do you have any physical challenges? That gives me emotional clues as to what her body is trying to say.

C. What are your strengths and what do you want for yourself? This will point out what we need to work on even more.

There are no precise recipes for using tree flower essences, flower remedies. You will familiarize yourself with them and they will generously do their magic on us. As to how to introduce them, you will also get more agile at sharing them, coming mostly from your own experiences and what you will begin to notice with people around you. We are not selling something; we are sharing our passion and love for health, joy, peace and as a consequence, making a better and happier world.

The trees have their ways…..


Gulabo is co-creator of Canadian Forest Tree Essences ( and works with individuals focusing on their inner growth and consciousness through essences and mediation.

[email protected] tel. 888-410-4325

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