Beton Montreal Inc. Specializing in the repair services

Specializing in the repair services of concrete Industry

Beton Montreal Inc specialized in the repair services of concrete industry. Not only does Beton Montreal Inc concentrate for Industrial Residents but as well Commercial repairs.

For over 12 years Beton Montreal Inc has design projects and submitting plans to complete the concrete construction for their clients. We also perform work such as scarification of the concrete tiles in Montreal. Beton Montreal Inc is always on top of their developing methods and always on the lookout for new products on the markets to enhance their skills.

As your concrete pool begins to age, the plaster will require the occasional repair. Crackling, hollow spots, sometimes called “pop-ups” and chipping are not uncommon. Beton Montreal Inc. is here to plaster the cracks or even at times bring the right materials to reconstruct the damages making it once again feel brand new pool.

Beton Montreal Inc are known for installations, concreting, casing, anchoring cement, sealing cracks in concrete, basements and much more in reparations.

We perform concrete restoration repair and cleaning services, key in residential hands with Refex Beton inc. We also have concrete contractors. Beton Montreal Inc has all the permits, guarantees and insurances necessary to perform all kinds of reparations to commercial concrete structures in Quebec. Not only do we perform amazing reconstruction for our clients but we also offer on-phone estimates and quotes.

For any further question and necessary help Beton Montreal Inc are here to help you. We are located 777 av., Lachine, Québec, H8S 3X7. Our phone number is 514-634-8866 and you can also fax your questions or concerns at 514-639-3602. Our email is [email protected]

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