Big Breasted Paralegal Debate Focuses on Paralegal Careers – Not Breasts!

GetParalegalCertification reported on the recent debate surrounding the ‘big breasted’ paralegal who was subject to a motion of objection by opposing counsel, who found the paralegal and her statuesque figure somehow disquieting.

Get Paralegal Certification wrote about the fact that the paralegal, Daniella Atencia is a university graduate who is not just a paralegal but handles a variety of areas of work in the trials handled by her husband, including such areas as exhibit preparation and jury selection.

The fact that paralegals handle the variety of work undertaken by Ms Atencia demonstrates the huge challenges and variety of work that paralegal certification can provide those seeking challenges in the legal world.

Rather than focusing on Ms Atencia’s breasts, Get Paralegal Certification indicates the focus should be on what paralegal certification can achieve for those seeking a paralegal career.

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