BKF Repair Bagged as Excellent BKF Recovery Tool in Internal Event

Gothenburg, Sweden, July 28, 2011: – “Nothing is more effective than appreciation” and this proved true when BKF Recovery software was awarded as Excellent BKF Recovery Tool in the internal award ceremony of the company, SAAC (SysTools annual award ceremony). The award was based on overall performance, sales report, appreciable techniques added by experts like ICHR, QDRT and FHCR that exceeded productivity of BKF repair tool and left behind other softwares back. The award ceremony was attended by teams of different softwares from all branches of the company web team, lab team director, and support team along with founder of the company.

Regarding this, Evan Swans happily says “Appreciation for good work always motivates to do something better and leaves the team with a sense of responsibility to bring more grand results in the future. I heartily congratulated the team of Windows backup recovery tool that was rewarded as ‘Best Software’ among various tools that our company delivers. Annual ceremonies are organized to give a light to the most rewarding product of the year and to discuss future prospects for improving and bringing other products of the company, along with BKF repair tool. ”

Allegan, Lab, Director States “It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate our BKF recovery team whose new techniques have always been a challenging work for us and they always succeeded with every new concept they bought to bring the software at the top and today the won ‘Excellent BKF Recovery tool’ award for the hard work they distribute.”

Susan Kaet, Director of Web Team remarked “Every time when we added something new to the software kit of the company, BKF Recovery team contributed the most for us to distribute and share with our users. What brings this team apart from others is the continuous experimentation and team effort.” http://www.bkfrecovery.net/bkf-recovery-tool

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