BlackBerry Litigation Over Patent Violations Reopens Wounds

LawFuel – The BlackBerry litigation has been resurrected with both Motorola and Research In Motion filing lawsuits over alleged patent violations.

Motorola claims Research In Motion has used its patented inventions without permission, while RIM have countersued alleging Motorola’s infringement of RIM patents.

Motorola is the largest maker of mobile phones in the US. The lawsuits have been filed in Texas.

Research In Motion has more than eight million subscribers in North America. AT&T, Verizon Wireless and other phone companies pay RIM, based in Waterloo, Ontario, a fee of about $6 a month for each subscriber that uses BlackBerry e-mail.

The lawsuit targets Research In Motion’s 8100, 8130, 8320, 8800, 8820 and 8830 model devices, as well as BlackBerry Exchange Server software.

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