There’s long been an unspoken law that the shed (be it of the humble garden, garage, workshop or machinery storage variety) is the exclusive domain of the quintessential Aussie male, however, research and industry trends suggest that women are starting to infiltrate this sacred and long-established ‘blokes world’.

A number of studies around the world have shown that sheds are no longer a home for wheelbarrows, hammers and nails, but instead, are getting a female face-lift to become in-home spa retreats, exercise rooms, libraries and home offices.

Founder of (Australia’s most comprehensive one-stop-shop for shed-related information online) Russ Condick, said inquiries and information requests coming through his site were increasingly coming from women around Australia.

“Plenty of people that seeking a quote to build a shed or souring a design are women and there are a number of reasons that we are seeing this trend particularly in the online space,” Mr Condick said.

“Let’s face it – the shed industry is highly male dominated and can be intimidating to the uninitiated. This is one of the major contributing factors behind why we are seeing an increased female interest online. The information is available for women to view and interpret in their own time and in the comfort of their own home – free of judgement and harassment.

“In addition, busy women are starting to seek places of personal refuge to take a moment to themselves to relax and wind down after a busy day or jam-packed week. It’s the same concept that has seen guys all over the world form such strong connections to the shed – a personal space where you can retreat for a moment and leave the world behind,” Mr Condick said.

It would appear that the girls have a bit more imagination when it comes to creating the perfect shed retreat.

Sheds arepopping up in suburban backyards that include multiple levels, spas, saunas, fireplaces, designer kitchenettes, window boxes, champagne cellars and all sorts of other luxury inclusions.

“It’s estimated t hat the average bloke between the ages 30 and 76 spends a total of 11 months of their life ‘attending to business’ in their shed. The way the girls are going with their shed design – we might never be able to convince them to come out!” Mr Condick said.

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