Brad Grey Dog Bite Attack in Pacific Palisades

Note from author. First articles on this topic of today’s date are not the correct copy and the titles are incorrect. Problem with editing software. Hereby retracted.

Corrected article.

According to a dog bite victim – the producer of the hit HBO series “Sopranos”, either owns or controls a very dangerous 170 lbs bull mastiff that attacked at least two people in 2007.

Plaintiff alleges that the approximately 170 lbs bull mastiff resides in Pacific Palisades, California, where both attacks occurred.

The first “known” dog bite was a bite to the first victim’s leg. Later, in July 2007, Grey’s bull mastiff attacked once again and made another victim to another separate dog bite by a bite to the hand causing serious injuries to the second victim.

It is alleged that since the second attack, the dog owner has removed the dangerous bull mastiff from the property. It is unknown whether the animal has been removed for certain.

Dog bite cases can be incredibly complicated, if anyone you know has been attacked or suffered a dog bite at the above address, they should contact an attorney and animal control immediately.

Dog bites are treated seriously under California law and if it is found that this bull mastiff did attack and bite two people on two separate occasions, it is likely that the animal is dangerous and should be removed as a public safety hazard.

The most recent victim has suffered extensively. If you or anyone you know has suffered a dog bite, you are encouraged to contact the authorities and to assist in the investigation of this matter.

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