Brandon Weitz, Back Up Hotel Heiress

Brandon Weitz, Back Up Hotel Heiress

Yes, Brandon Weitz has joined the big league. Steve Jobs? Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? Brandon Weitz has been rubbing elbows with these big wigs. He has also helped them with business solutions and strategies. It is just amazing and jaw dropping how successful Brandon Weitz has become. He actually conducted a strictly by invitation conference for entrepreneurs and businessmen to discuss his latest and sophisticated business solutions. You may ask, who are the attendees? Well, they are no less than the Chief Executive Officers and Presidents of the Top 500 Companies in the world, and it also includes the Sultan of Brunei! Can you imagine the security measures the organizer of the conference had to deal with?

But Brandon Weitz knows no stopping! To add to the list of high profile businessmen and celebrities he is currently rubbing elbows with, Brandon Weitz has reportedly helped no less than the hotel heiress and socialite, Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton is said to be looking into opening branches of her bag and perfume boutique in South East Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. It is hard to believe that someone like Paris Hilton who was born with a golden spoon would need the financial back up of Meridian Star Merchant Services’ big boss, Brandon Weitz. Brandon Weitz has recently launched his new baby, the Money for Merchant Program.

The Money for Merchant Program aims to extend quick and easy financial assistance to entrepreneurs and businessmen who might need the extra cash to fund branching outs, updating equipment or even remodeling stores. It is his way of helping other businessmen in making their dreams turn into reality. Yes, it is a surprise that Paris Hilton opted to seek the help of Brandon Weitz in putting up additional branches of her boutique but it may also be just a very smart strategy in gaining the interest and trust of the public and potential investors. With a very reliable businessman and company to back her up, Paris Hilton might just have hit the jackpot.

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