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People are no longer looking to create traditional static websites. In this age of social networking sites, everybody wants to cash in on the social media frenzy and build great community websites. So, if you are also looking to start your own online community website for your business or something general like Facebook, then you have come to the right people.

We, at Joomla Web Design Services are proud of the talent that we posses. We are experts at building the best and most interactive community websites by using the most powerful of all content management systems – Joomla! Joomla is the best open source CSM that can be used to make some of the most functional community websites ever. With the popularity of Joomla community websites increasing on a daily basis, why not come to us for your community website project? We use various Joomla extensions to develop an online community website.

There are plenty of other open source content management systems available for use in making a community website. So why is Joomla so special? If you’re looking to further elaborate your website with a social network, then you are probably going to face a few small problems. Most of the social network content management systems tend to focus main on the system’s connection capabilities. This leaves you with little to no options of creating a good standard portal. Joomla however, is one of the most powerful CMS’ and comes equipped with a wide range of extensions. With more than 4000 Joomla extensions, you can now bring your site to the social networking levels.
Here are the standard Joomla community site features:

It will have a beautiful interface with XHTML and Pure CSS.
It give you a multiple blogging component support.
The user front end controls are improvised.
Extremely extensible.
Comes with a private messaging system.
Comes with a multilingual support system.
Management of photos is possible.
Multiple Forum Content Management System Support Fireboard, SMF, PHPBB.
User Relationship management.
Templates are easy to design.
Security is hardened.

With Joomla, you can now have your own community site that breaks all barriers! Your business will reach out to a wider audience, and we at Joomla Web Design Services can do this for you! Pick up that phone and call us right now to find out more about what we can do!

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