Is Helping the Children of Haiti: Staff Donations to Rebuild Schools is putting its concern over Haiti into practical action. Our employees will support the re-construction of schools there by setting aside money from their own paychecks. Several months of this will allow us to assemble a significant donation to a charity that we will select. This is the sort of caring our employees demonstrate in their care for customers and for the world.

No one can avoid remembering the anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. A year later, so much remains to be done; it seems too overwhelming for even an organization to make a difference. However, we noticed that schools – hundreds of them – remain in ruins and thousands of young people are missing out. They have no homes, and no place for schooling. How can a nation succeed in reconstructing itself with a generation that has been shortchanged educationally? is committed to education, so this seems a perfect fit. We are reviewing charities currently providing temporary school facilities, and will pick one to receive our contribution. Three to four months of allocating a portion of each employee’s salary will accumulate an effective sum for Haiti’s school re-building efforts. has supported important causes before, and you can get specifics by clicking our website. is the place for company news and the services we offer.

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We take personal care of our customers, in the same way that we try to take care of the world around us. Our team is expert and professional but very human, and it shows in the attention we pay to each order. All subjects and all assignment types are possible with our service at

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