to Create Grove of Trees: Staff Supports Nature as Well as Customers keeps track of environmental news with great interest. This last fall, the staff read of a British government plan to sell off forested lands. Since it is unlikely that these will remain undeveloped, this will mean a loss to the environment. In response, we are proposing to plant trees ourselves. However, to maximize the impact, we are seeking a place to plant them all together, and create a modest grove. This will be a tangible expression of our concern for our environment, a concern which parallels our concern for our customers.

We have taken a number of steps here at to make our business more eco-friendly. Using alternate sources of energy, encouraging use of public transit, and supporting employees in their efforts to cut down on use of packaged foods are all examples of our environmental initiatives. This will be a natural extension of our sustainability efforts.

Each employee will contribute and participate in the planting project. The ideal location will be a place not likely to be used for houses, schools, or businesses. An old industrial site would be terrific, and we are looking for such opportunities right now. In a few years, the fragile saplings we put in the ground now will be tall and leafy.

There is much more information on’s environmental actions at You can read more about our company philosophy there as well.

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The care and nurture of a customer’s writing skills has much in common with the nurture of a tree. We have expert writers and editors on staff that take care of our clients and support their development as students and achievers, in all subject areas.

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